What A Clicking Hard Drive Can Indicate

If you have a clicking hard drive – one that makes clicking noises and grinds every time you use it- you should have it checked immediately. Chances are that the screen also freezes mid-operation, or the whole system shuts down and reboots unexpectedly. Error messages are also common with clicking hard drives, as is the scary message “operating system not found”. If you have seen any of these at any point during the use of your computer, then know the hard drive is about to fail.

This computer may have hard drive clicking noises.

This computer may have hard drive clicking noises.

A clicking hard drive can indicate faulty read heads inside the drive, corrupt firmware on the drive’s ROM chip, a burnt chip, or bad controller cards. Damage to the drive’s platters will also result in such clicking noises, which means that only a professional can handle the next bit. Do not try and open the disk up, doing that will only make things worse, plus you will be voiding any warranty that may come in handy with the disk’s manufacturer.

Professional hard drive repair and data recovery centers are the place to go in case of any hard drive trouble. The thing is that this aspect of computers requires a lot of knowledge and expertise, so that many local computer shops do not offer the services. It is upon you to find the best and reliable center nearest to you.

There are several reasons why a hard drive is making noises whenever you turn on your computer or try to use it. It could simply be a problem that you can solve by running the CHKDSK command in your computer. Perhaps the heads inside the hard drive have accumulated dirt and dust that it is dislocated the head. You can just clean it up with a dust remover spray, and viola – the clicking hard drive problem will disappear. Or maybe, your hard drive is newly installed and you just need to check if the cables are properly connected.

In summary, the things that will likely to cause clicking hard drive is the read/write head not properly located on the platter. But, it could also be an incorrect installation of the entire hard drive. If this is the problem, you will just have to remove and re-seat the power and cables on the hard drive. It could also be because of incorrect cable types. Make sure to check with your manual or ask an expert if you are replacing your cable connectors. A clicking hard drive problem can also be because of insufficient power. Make sure that you are using a separate power supply from other high-draw device in your computer such as the video card.

Signs Of A Dying Hard Drive

There are occasions that the computer can let you down and it becomes an issue if it is in a fast moving business it can cause a major mishap and even lead to losses. We have been so dependent on computers and therefore working without them can prove to be quite a challenge. If not that, there can be very relevant information that is lost from the broken down computer. The first sign of a computer that will let you down will be the clicking hard drive. If the hard drive is not clicking, it is grinding. You may also get the error messages or the screen of death or the blue screen.

With such a sign, there is every need to make sure that there are measures taken to avoid an entire loss of very relevant data. When you get a clicking hard drive, you can try to create a boot disk and run windows scandisk to try and fix the errors automatically. If there are very many errors it is imperative to back up so as to make sure the information on the hard drive is not lost. That is a clear sign that the hard drive is in the last stages of its life.

The hard drive clicking sound is a common hard drive failure signal encountered by computer users. Several hard disk clicking sounds can come up due to diversified reasons. While some of the hard drive clicking sounds denote the normal functioning of the drive, there are sounds which convey the message that the hard drive is malfunctioning. Hard drive clicking can occur due to problems related to software or drivers, adverse conditions in hardware and even because of the mechanical problems of hard drive itself. It is significant for a user as well as a professional to identify these clicking correctly. It will help in diagnosing and resolving the problems. Before opening the computer’s case to check on the clicking of hard drive, it is needed to reassure that the noise comes from hard drive, not from any other device like the fan or optical device. Only after the confirmation that it is hard drive which clicks, the necessary actions should be taken. When a hard drive starts to click, it is a warning for the user to have backups of the important information on the hard drive. If the clicking hard drive is still accessible, it is always advisable to get backups, even though all clicking sounds do not suggest a failing hard drive. A professional hard drive recovery service or copying the necessary data to a secondary medium is required. After preparing a back up, it is advised that the PC should be shut down and a restarting could be done to see whether the problem continues. If it continues, expert advises should be taken in order to fix the problem.

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