aapwThere are a lot of anti aging products on the market and of course, to attract customers, they always say they are the best but what can tell you they are actually the best anti aging product is when you tried it yourself. When you are satisfied with the results within a month, then this product deserves your patronage. In the market, there are many products that compete for fame and name. However, just like any ordinary competitions, they strive to be the best in the market by trying to ruin other products’ names.

Just like other aging products, every product says they are the best anti aging product. Doesn’t that make you doubt which one really is the best? One thing to find out which one is the best anti aging product is to find who actually uses them and find out their feedback for the product. Make sure to list down what the ingredients are! Pick the ones with the least chemicals or the one that has the most natural herbs used. There are also anti aging products that contain herbs. Herbs are really appealing it people because if the low risk of side effects that chemicals can possibly cause. Nowadays, many herbal anti aging products are dominating the market.

Is It Possible To Look Younger?

Every year brings along new changes on one´s skin, and watching the natural beauty disappear can be very frustrating. Women all around the world are asking thousands of questions, such as how do anti-aging creams work, where to buy the best product, what anti-age treatment to choose, and so on. The good news is that it is possible to look younger only by following some basic steps.

Many women do not know that only by growing longer eyelashes they may look younger. There are many products on the market that can encourage the lashes grow in ten weeks only, so it is the perfect time to try it. Under eye dark circles and bags can make one look not only older, but sick, as well. For that purpose, many fillers have been invented, and they can bring back that smooth skin look everyone wishes to have. Even the hands should be rejuvenated, and the best way to do it is by using product that can restore the volume. While some ask how do anti-aging creams work, others turn to Botox immediately, and it can easily take care of deep wrinkles between eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, and for some lines around eyes it would be enough to use proper cream.

tadrThe best place on where to get affordable data recovery is through the internet. Since this industry is really competitive, there are numerous sites and software makers who are offering a good price on data recovery. For instance, Google ads have been offering cost effective ways to recover your data. Before, you will have to spend a lot of money for this but nowadays, with a few bucks, you can experience the recovery of your important files. By doing a little research on where to get affordable data recovery, you will be able to get the best deal from a reliable company. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all affordable software will bring out the best from it. That is why; you have to call around several data recovery companies as possible.

Once you get it from them, do not forget to obtain their quotes. The price of the software will always depend on the severity of the lost data. So you should be able to lay down all your needs and compare the quotes that were given to you. Negotiate very well and know where to get affordable data recovery from different online sources you have encountered.

Making The Data Recovery Cost Worthwhile

Data recovery cost always vary on the company providing it. That is why, if you are purchasing this kind of software, you have to ensure that you get the best. There are numerous companies providing data recovery for individuals who lost their files accidentally. However, if you are wise enough, you can be sure that the right data recovery cost is spent. First, research the company providing the software. Do not spend your money right away to an offer that is too good to be true. Spend some time researching if the company really delivers a good product or not.

Second, get a quote and compare the products of several companies. To distinguish the best, you can ask someone to help with you or read several sources in the internet, which can also be your guide towards choosing the best data recovery software. Ensure that you consider the cost of this software, especially on the budget that you have. Do not spend more on something that gives you less. Thus, you have to research and be responsible for considering several factors. Some companies also provide a lesser data recovery cost so why not take a grab on this opportunity in order to lessen your expenses.

rsdsTo make proper use of service desk software, it is very important that the company chooses appropriate software. When you have a number of tools or providers in the marker, it becomes difficult to find the appropriate one. People might choose the tools for service management according to the cost and recommendations of associates and peer. The company must choose services that meet your requirements and helps you in different ways. They should choose software that is having all those amazing features that are needed in any other software. Moreover, the software should be available in reasonable cost.

Service desk software should be able to improve the communication systems among IT communities and among all other customers. Before getting any software, people must read if such features are available in that product or not. To make sure that all the requests are being managed in a proper way and are being utilized in a regular way, there must be a defined procedure and productive tools. These productive tools are efficient and helpful for any organization. So, it is very important to choose the right kind of service desk software which is more efficient and more useful. This tool will be used by company’s employees and they can give a better output with this.
IT Asset Management Software: Enhance The Efficiency Of IT Inventory

IT asset management (ITAM) is the situated of business practices that join money related, contractual and stock capacities to uphold life cycle administration and vital choice making for the nature’s domain. Holdings incorporate all components of programming and fittings that are discovered in the nature’s turf. IT holding administration for the most part uses automation, incorporating the utilization modest “aloof” RFID tags intended to fit various sorts of IT holdings and savvy programming intended to track the RFID-tagged stake areas immediately, to supervise the finding of possessions, so the stock could be contrasted with possession data.

Full business administration of IT holdings requires a vault of numerous sorts of data about the holding, and in addition coordination with different frameworks, for example inventory network, help work area, acquirement and HR frameworks. Holding administration, extensively characterized, alludes to any framework that screens and administers things of quality of a substance or bunch. It might apply to both substantial holdings, for example structures and to immaterial notions, for example learned property and goodwill. IT asset management software depicts an exceptional type of stock screening programming planned explicitly to address the novel needs of an IT supervisor. IT asset management software lessens IT cost, alleviate hazard and improves administration with adequate IT stake administration results. It empowers the adequate administration of the IT stake lifecycle, to lower cost, and better arrange IT with business objectives. IT asset management software also upgrades programming licenses, and decreases probability of overbuying and in addition fines because of under-permitting.

Drug rehab, commonly referred to as drug rehabilitation or simply rehab is a word that is used to refer to a medical or psychotherapeutic process used to treat excessive dependence on substances such as alcohol and drugs. A person who majorly depends on drugs or alcohol for normal functioning is an addict. Being a drug addict has many effects in the life of an individual. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and a substance such as alcohol drain a person’s financial status. This is due to the fact that one needs to feed his appetite by doing everything possible to take the substance.

rehabgentSecondly, addiction affects the normal psychological functioning of a person. It also deteriorates a person’s health. Drug rehab comes in to help an individual overcome the over-dependence on the substance. In a drug rehabilitation center, several programs are geared toward teaching a person new habit of living in a drug free environment. On many occasions, rehab centers restrict a person’s movement. The addicts stay in the center for a couple of months or years depending on their level of addiction. The main goal of drug rehabilitation centers is to help addicts recover permanently from any kinds of addiction.

Advantages Of Considering Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is crucial for the people who have a problem getting off some drug abuse problems. Usually to make the decision and accept to go for this help usually takes a lot of effort and counseling. There are a number of advantages that you will reap from getting rehab help. First of course is that you will get back control of your life. People with alcohol or cocaine addiction, for example usually do not have control of their lives. They will be controlled by the substance abuse to which they are almost victims. It goes without say that addictions ruin the lives of people in several ways.

Also, when you make the choice to go for drug rehab, you will have the benefit of saving lots of cash. No doubt, several people with drug addictions spend a lot of money buying the alcohol and cocaine that they feel their bodies cannot do without. This means that they neglect other aspects of their lives which call for financial responsibility.

Drug abuse usually ruins the body and screws your chances of a long life. When you choose drug rehab, you will add a lot of years to your life. Hence, it is important that such people be encouraged to go for help as early as is possible.

Sleep apnea has become a very common sleeping disorder that has disturbed thousands of people and can actually be really dangerous. In the past people had no tools to fight against this disorder because the real cause was not known. These days there are so many devices for sleep apnea available in the market and the good thing about these devices is that they are effective. In fact, with the exception of a few scams, almost every device is effective to some extent. The full effectiveness of these devices depends upon your condition.

snore-manMost of the time people go through a minor problem of sleep apnea and they are relieved by very mild oral appliances such as mouthpieces. In some acute conditions, you will always need some advanced devices to help you out. CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) is a very advanced device and it has got many enhancements in it as well, but is one that most people really don’t like, because of its intensity and cost. This is NOT an easy device to wear. The basic feature of CPAP is to maintain a healthy air pressure inside the mask that you wear during the night. This air pressure ensures that you are getting a continuous and healthy oxygen supply that can keep your breathing regular and more composed. You cannot only get rid of sleep apnea but CPAP has the ability to help you with snoring as well. You can control sleep apnea and snoring both with CPAP.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea then you should look to purchase devices because there are lots of very effective devices. Most of these devices are related to breathing because the basic cause of sleep apnea is breathing malfunction. Once you get hold of your breathing issues, you can get rid of sleep apnea permanently. Sleep apnea devices are not a permanent solution for sleep apnea but you can get temporary relief.

If sleep apnea is bothering you too much then you can purchase CPAP because this is very effective device and it can make your sleep apnea problem go away. If you want a more permanent solution for sleep apnea then you will have to work lot harder on your diet and exercise. There are special exercises that could help you in improving your breathing. Cardio exercises are the best when it comes to improving your breathing. You can use the devices and practice exercises as well for permanent solution. You can also consult your doctor for choosing the best possible device.

Popular Remedies For Snoring
There are some very effective as well as simple suggestions and remedies for snoring that you can implement. Keeping your head still and in a comfortable position is the most basic remedy that you should follow. Make sure that your head and neck are in a comfortable position and adjust your pillows accordingly. Sleeping straight can also lower snoring because sleeping sideways can cause fatigue and that can add to snoring. Daily exercise, walk and other similar routines can also help you to minimize snoring. If your weight is healthy and you are not overweight then it can help to the cause as well. Mostly people with extra weight snore more. Sleeping timing is also very important. Most of the people that snore are used to sleep late. You need to change this routine and make sure that you sleep early so that you can get enough sleep to keep your fresh for next day. These remedies for snoring are effective but if you want more accurate solution then you can use some over the counter products available to encounter snoring. There are anti-snoring pills and similar other products available. You can use these products to get rid of snoring for good.

Anti Snoring Pillows as a Cure for Snoring

With the best research from the doctors and the sleep specialist, anti snoring pillows have proved their curing effect. These kinds of pillows are designed to help support and also position ones head and neck to make sure the alignment during sleep is good. The secret with some of these pillows is that they made in a way that positions your jaw a bit forward to make sure that your airway stays open.

Some of these pillows can be used to treat or just eliminate mild obstructive sleep apnea. They can also be used to stop or ease overall snoring, improve the quality of sleep and thereby reduce  daytime sleepiness or even the feel of drowsiness. Not all the anti snoring pillows will perform all the above, but some, like the popular SnoreLess Pillow, are well known to be an effective stop snoring solution. See SnoreLess Pillow reviews here.

Meanwhile, many pillows are out there, but their results can be questionable. This is why it is important to research. Always remember that sleep constitutes almost 95% of your life; it pays to make every sleep a good one!

images (5)Do you know anyone who has anxiety that leads to panic attacks? Or, are you one of those people who have terrible experiences because of panic attacks? No worries now. The people who have this kind of problem regarding severe anxiety and panic attacks can be helped. These people are experts and believers of a healthy and happy life. To stop panic attacks, they have come to realize some things that can be of help to these people with this kind of problem. These are generally easy to follow steps and advices.

For those religious people, the monks and priests can be of help. They have mantras and prayers that can help people in having another unnecessary and unbecoming panic attack. From the monks, they could advise something like ‘breathe in, breathe out’ mantras, or ‘stomach rise, stomach full’. From the priests, it is to pray fervently to get a peaceful mind and heart. For those medically oriented people, the psychiatrists and other physicians may advise a healthy diet, give prescriptions to get relaxed or antidepressants, give prescriptions to drink herbal medicines every day and so forth. Therefore, panic attacks do not necessarily be a recurring incident and stop panic attacks once and for all.

Moreover, there are authors, psychiatrists and physicians that publish articles, books and studies to stop panic attacks. These are indeed helpful for those anxious people who live their life with panic attacks. There are either simple steps or ways to prevent panic attacks to come back and rule over the poor people’s lives. Hence, upon educating them of these techniques, they can never have any worries about panic attacks.

The Faster The Panic Treatment The Better

image-10Before you indulge in any of the stated remedies to stop panic attacks, it is essential that you visit a doctor who will take an examination on you to establish the very best method to get you out of the panic. You can stop panic attacks effectively if you follow the recommendations by the doctor. One of the very common ways that are used to stop panic attacks includes cognitive behavioral therapy. This method has proved to be very effective and you will stop panic attacks effectively. Many people are always scared and lose focus on the therapy thus making the treatment plan last for a longer time whereas if you get committed to the treatment plan you will gain quick recovery.

Never wait for a panic attack to recur so that you can start thinking on how to stop panic attacks. Take the quickest steps to visit an expert regarding the panic attacks so as to make sure that you get help on the same. There can be dire consequences in case
you delay on the treatment. The faster the steps to stop panic attacks are taken, the better it can be for you. Rest assured that if you are committed to the therapy you will stop panic attacks definitely and lead a normal life. http://howtopreventpanicattacks.org/

Five Ways To Stop Panic Attacks On Young Children

You can get control of the panic attacks that occur on your children by offering encouragement to the children. Children are good in receiving encouragement even if they have been badly by the panic attacks. For you to help to stop panic attacks amongst your children, you should ensure that whenever they try out something new and succeed or fail, talk to them in a positive, assuring manner. It will help them to develop muscles for any hard situation that may come their way.

You should also limit their exposure levels. Too much exposure to a child will not help in any way to stop panic attacks but rather a major cause of excessive stress that leads to panic attacks. Any time the child is exposed to excessive exposure they get to meet incidences that cause panic to them. To stop panic attacks on your children, introduce a change using a systematic procedure. Abrupt changes cause stress to the mind of the child. They always need a longer time to adapt to changes, whether at home or school. If you need to introduce something new to them like shifting towns, you should take time to prepare them psychologically. Remember your child had friends and they would require much time to bid them farewell as well as prepare to meet new ones.

Losing important personal or business data and information is enough to cause some sleepless nights. If we experience such as a result of computer virus attacks, or a crashed hard drive, we have to take the necessary steps to ensure we can get the data back. This means calling a data recovery service company to come help us out. As opposed to preventing and backing up, data recovery is the remedial measure, and often the most sought after in such situations.

server-recovery-serviceAs much as data recovery services are helpful, it is important for users to take measures that will minimize the damage when storage device failure occurs. Being able to understand and recognize the warning signs goes a long way towards the success of a data recovery operation. As such, some of the do’s include backing up data regularly, shutting down the system if some problem occurs, powering down the computer when strange noises emanate from it, and calling a professional to take a look at the computer instead of handling the problem ourselves.

Some of the don’ts include – not tampering with the hard drive in any case, damaged or not; subjecting the drive to dust and heat, these will damage it; and assuming that data recovery services are impossible. Even if the damage seems irreparable, the specialists are almost always able to recover the data.

Situations That Lead To The Search For A Data Recovery Service

It is very important to note that there are a number of instances that can lead you to look for data recovery service. These are the services that you can rely on when you lose the information that you prize from the computer, phone or other storage device. Usually, you may lose this information due to a mistake on your part or a failure of the storage location that was really out of your control. Sometimes, the hard drive of a computer may malfunction. Prior to this, you may notice that it became noisy and the computer would shut down itself. In the end, you might lose the information that you stored therein prompting you to look for recovery services.

At other times, the data that you stored may be compromised by the presence of malware or viruses. These have the ability to ruin the function of storage locations; both internal and portable devices like flash disks. Also, when you drop the computer or storage device, you are likely to suffer from these losses. Usually, fires and flooding have been known to rob a computer of the data that was stored therein. The good news is that there are fairly reliable means of getting these back thanks to data recovery services.

As you look for a hard disk data recovery service provider, there are quite a number of things that you need to put in mind. One is the extent by which your disk is damaged. This really affects the pricing. A disk that is damaged by floods is not the same as one that is hit on a hard surface. Chances are that dealing with the one that is affected by floods would demand high levels of professionalism compared to the other one. This will also call for higher costs.

The requirements of the users are also a high determinant in this. There some users who demand for special attention for their disks that comes from special machines. Apart from recovering the data only, one may demand for the operating system recovery. The customer therefore will need to pay more amounts of money. The type of disk is also considered. The larger the disk, the more complex it is to recover its data. There are some disk models, which are complicated to deal with. A company would place this on the higher side during pricing. Lastly, you should put in mind that pricing is not dependent on the amount of data that should be recovered. It is majorly dependent on the complexity of the job. A good service provider will offer you the prices with no hidden costs.

If you have a clicking hard drive – one that makes clicking noises and grinds every time you use it- you should have it checked immediately. Chances are that the screen also freezes mid-operation, or the whole system shuts down and reboots unexpectedly. Error messages are also common with clicking hard drives, as is the scary message “operating system not found”. If you have seen any of these at any point during the use of your computer, then know the hard drive is about to fail.

This computer may have hard drive clicking noises.

This computer may have hard drive clicking noises.

A clicking hard drive can indicate faulty read heads inside the drive, corrupt firmware on the drive’s ROM chip, a burnt chip, or bad controller cards. Damage to the drive’s platters will also result in such clicking noises, which means that only a professional can handle the next bit. Do not try and open the disk up, doing that will only make things worse, plus you will be voiding any warranty that may come in handy with the disk’s manufacturer.

Professional hard drive repair and data recovery centers are the place to go in case of any hard drive trouble. The thing is that this aspect of computers requires a lot of knowledge and expertise, so that many local computer shops do not offer the services. It is upon you to find the best and reliable center nearest to you.

There are several reasons why a hard drive is making noises whenever you turn on your computer or try to use it. It could simply be a problem that you can solve by running the CHKDSK command in your computer. Perhaps the heads inside the hard drive have accumulated dirt and dust that it is dislocated the head. You can just clean it up with a dust remover spray, and viola – the clicking hard drive problem will disappear. Or maybe, your hard drive is newly installed and you just need to check if the cables are properly connected.

In summary, the things that will likely to cause clicking hard drive is the read/write head not properly located on the platter. But, it could also be an incorrect installation of the entire hard drive. If this is the problem, you will just have to remove and re-seat the power and cables on the hard drive. It could also be because of incorrect cable types. Make sure to check with your manual or ask an expert if you are replacing your cable connectors. A clicking hard drive problem can also be because of insufficient power. Make sure that you are using a separate power supply from other high-draw device in your computer such as the video card.

Signs Of A Dying Hard Drive

There are occasions that the computer can let you down and it becomes an issue if it is in a fast moving business it can cause a major mishap and even lead to losses. We have been so dependent on computers and therefore working without them can prove to be quite a challenge. If not that, there can be very relevant information that is lost from the broken down computer. The first sign of a computer that will let you down will be the clicking hard drive. If the hard drive is not clicking, it is grinding. You may also get the error messages or the screen of death or the blue screen.

With such a sign, there is every need to make sure that there are measures taken to avoid an entire loss of very relevant data. When you get a clicking hard drive, you can try to create a boot disk and run windows scandisk to try and fix the errors automatically. If there are very many errors it is imperative to back up so as to make sure the information on the hard drive is not lost. That is a clear sign that the hard drive is in the last stages of its life.

The hard drive clicking sound is a common hard drive failure signal encountered by computer users. Several hard disk clicking sounds can come up due to diversified reasons. While some of the hard drive clicking sounds denote the normal functioning of the drive, there are sounds which convey the message that the hard drive is malfunctioning. Hard drive clicking can occur due to problems related to software or drivers, adverse conditions in hardware and even because of the mechanical problems of hard drive itself. It is significant for a user as well as a professional to identify these clicking correctly. It will help in diagnosing and resolving the problems. Before opening the computer’s case to check on the clicking of hard drive, it is needed to reassure that the noise comes from hard drive, not from any other device like the fan or optical device. Only after the confirmation that it is hard drive which clicks, the necessary actions should be taken. When a hard drive starts to click, it is a warning for the user to have backups of the important information on the hard drive. If the clicking hard drive is still accessible, it is always advisable to get backups, even though all clicking sounds do not suggest a failing hard drive. A professional hard drive recovery service or copying the necessary data to a secondary medium is required. After preparing a back up, it is advised that the PC should be shut down and a restarting could be done to see whether the problem continues. If it continues, expert advises should be taken in order to fix the problem.

Demographic, economic and cultural shifts are permanently altering the profile of the retail work force. Among the primary shifts affecting retailers are the aging of the population and the continued number of women joining the labor pool.

Retailers have traditionally relied on two segments of the population for an ongoing supply of their store-level work force–young adults and female homemakers.

The influence of the baby-boomer generation on all aspects of our economy and our culture has been widely documented. The boomers, the single largest and most influential segment of the population, are entering midlife.

Currently, adults aged 45+ account for 34% of the U.S. population, a figure that is expected to swell to over 40% by the year 2015 and adults 55+ are projected to account for close to one-third of all Americans.

As a result, the proportion of the population under 30, those young adults that retailers have relied on, particularly for seasonal and part-time positions, are in short supply.

In addition, the women’s labor force is growing at a faster pace than men’s (17% vs. 9%), a trend that is expected to continue. By the year 2000 it is estimated that greater than 30% of all households will be headed by single parents and 50% of all households will be dual-income homes.

This does not necessarily bode well for retailers since many women entering the labor force are opting for higher-skilled, higher-paying occupations that frequently offer working conditions and/or schedules considered to be more attractive than those offered at store level.

Recruiting Tactics for the New Age

The changing environment in which retailers must now recruit store employees calls for changing strategies in recruiting and retaining quality store associates. The days of filling the store staff with walk-in applicants or even referrals from existing employees are largely in the past.

In order to attract high-quality candidates in the increasingly competitive environment, progressive retailers are focusing on identifying individuals who possess characteristics that are desirable to the retailer and for whom the retailer is the employer of choice.

The desirable characteristics of the store associate vary from one retailer to another and, therefore, so do the recruiting tactics.

In many cases what makes the retailer the employer of choice for the prospective employee is the nature of the merchandise. Specialty retailers are at an advantage since the merchandise offer is, by definition, specialized. By seeking out individuals who are enthusiasts (and consumers) of the merchandise sold in the store, the retailer greatly increases the chances that the employee will be knowledgeable and take pride in his or her work and the overall operation of the store.

At Borders Books and Music, almost all employees are avid readers and/or frequently listen to music. Moreover, the associate in any given area of the store–say Science Fiction or Children’s or American History–is probably an enthusiast of that subject and he or she is likely to have read many of the titles on hand. Other employers known for seeking out enthusiasts include The Home Depot and Best Buy.

At Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), the largest consumer cooperative with 1.5 million members and 49 stores in 21 states, the motto is to live what you sell. Sales associates at REI are outdoor enthusiasts and product experts who consider it their mission to not only educate customers, but to also serve as a resource for buying staff who often consult associates on their use of certain products. The emphasis on outdoor pursuits is evident in the interviewing process where recruits are often questioned about specifics such as the type of tent or fishing pole they use.

The implications for superior customer service are obvious. Other benefits of employing the enthusiast are that job satisfaction goes up and turnover decreases since employees are able to integrate their personal interests and passions into their work lives.

Providing Opportunities

Another tactic used by some retailers is providing opportunities to individuals who may lack the requisite entry-level qualifications. In the past, there have been many programs, typically sponsored by state and local governments, to provide incentives to companies that employ disadvantaged classes of individuals.

The difference this time is the motivation behind retailers’ involvement in such programs. Past participation was primarily driven by the short-term financial advantages afforded participants–typically tax credits or subsidized wages for qualified associates and the commensurate reduction in store operating costs.

Today, however, as previously emphasized, retailers face a critical shortage of qualified applicants. By participating in programs such as the Welfare to Work Partnership or other similar initiatives, retailers have an opportunity to attract an employee, who, given appropriate training, can potentially remain a competent, loyal store associate for many years.

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs are among the retailers involved in such programs. Wal-Mart has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to participate in welfare-to-work programs as a key element of providing staffing for its stores and clubs. Wal-Mart works with state welfare and employment agencies to find welfare recipients. Once hired, associates at Wal-Mart are encouraged to obtain a GED and are reimbursed for expenses incurred.

TJX Cos., whose subsidiaries include T.J. Maxx and Marshalls off-price apparel stores, is also a participant in the Welfare to Work program, having hired approximately 3,000 people within the past year and a half. According to Sherry Lang, TJX’s investor relations director, given the success of the program, TJX has pledged to increase that number to 5,000 people by the year 2000.

Chain drug store industry leader Walgreens has hired people on welfare as part of its normal hiring routine for a number of years. As an active participant in “Earnfare,” a subsidized volunteer program administered by the Illinois Department of Public Aid, Walgreens provides food stamp recipients with work skills necessary to find unsubsidized jobs. Volunteers are required to work 80 hours a month for six months to maintain eligibility and, although participants are not paid an hourly wage, they can earn up to $231 per month. While this is not enough to allow participants to live above the poverty level, they do gain job experience. Additionally, of the 100 or so annual participants, Walgreens recruits some as permanent hires. According to Jim Schultz, Walgreens’ director of performance development, these hires typically have a higher-than-average retention rate.

An Unconventional Approach

In addition to contending with a tight labor market, many retailers also fight an ongoing battle with chronic absenteeism. This can be particularly problematic for smaller stores which may have minimum coverage levels, where even one missing person means the store won’t function properly that day.

An innovative solution is being tested through an alliance formed by Simon DeBartolo Group and the Olsten Corp. As part of the test, Olsten is establishing in-the-mall employment service centers in Simon DeBartolo properties. These centers will offer temporary resources as well as recruitment and training services.

Olsten hopes to gain access to a relatively untapped market for its services while assisting retailers with their store labor needs.

On the flip side, the alliance provides retailers with access to a short-term temporary labor pool to address short-term needs as well as screening, placement and training services geared specifically to the retail market. While this approach will not fit all needs for all retailers, it does represent a creative solution to meeting store labor challenges.

Driving Retention

Innovative techniques for identifying and recruiting desirable candidates for store positions are necessary steps to building high-quality store teams. Of even greater importance however, is the need to reshape the working environment at store level to provide a rewarding work experience.

When store employees feel that their individual role is significant, when they understand how that role affects store results and when individual payoff for superior store performance is understood, satisfaction goes up and turnover goes down.

The traditional approaches to training, motivating and managing store teams are changing just as the tactics used for recruiting are. The overriding theme of retailers who are succeeding in improving retention is to provide a focus on the individual associate.

Almost all companies talk the talk of the importance of store associates, but annual turnover rates of 75% and higher are evidence that not many companies are walking that talk.

Those that have been able to reduce turnover have done so through performance-based compensation (for all store associates, not just a few managers), nontraditional training and, in some cases, radical departures from conventional management and decision-making approaches typically used to run stores.

Reshaping the Store Environment

Known by many for transforming coffee into a fashion beverage and introducing a whole new vernacular into the language, Starbucks Corp. is also recognized for its commitment to its employees. Starbucks has created a culture dedicated to challenging employees (referred to as partners) to be their best.

To support employees in their efforts, Starbucks offers a comprehensive benefits package including insurance and partner stock options to all employees including part-timers who need work just over 20 hours per week to be eligible.

All new Baristas or hourly partners receive 25 hours of classroom training including customer-service skills and coffee knowledge, taught by partners that have been specially trained.

Management trainees participate in eight to 12 weeks of classes and receive coaching on leadership skills, advanced customer service and diversity awareness as well as succession planning and career development.

Starbucks’ investment in its partners appears to be paying off as demonstrated by the company’s continuing success as well as its inclusion in Fortune magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America.

Another example of a truly differentiated store-operating environment is Whole Foods, a high-end chain of supermarkets emphasizing organic and fresh foods.

At Whole Foods, the store organization and decision making processes are anything but conventional. The chain’s mission statement begins with a Declaration of Interdependence, reflecting its culture of decentralized teamwork.

Each store operates as an autonomous profit center organized around self-managed teams. Each management level operates as a team–within the store, across regions and across the company.

In this sense, teamwork encourages cooperation as well as competition. The team concept also applies to hiring decisions. Each store team, and only the team, is empowered to approve full-time hires. Candidates engage in a 30-day trial period, after which time they must receive two-thirds of the team’s approval to become a full-time hire.

Whole Foods considers itself a social system rather than a hierarchy in which rules are passed down. It is believed that peer pressure fosters loyalty in ways that a typical hierarchical organization cannot. To this end, all financial and performance measures are available for team members’ review, including salary levels.

Additionally, bonuses are directly tied to team performance and all store team members are bonus-eligible. Evidence of Whole Foods success is demonstrated by its average shareholder return of 23% over the past five years.

An Emphasis on Training

With alternative career-path options available to prospective candidates for store positions, retailers can gain an edge if they offer more than rudimentary training to store associates. That has been one key step taken at Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Sears believes that “unless you have a trained, literate, motivated work force and give them decision-making authority, you don’t get satisfied customers no matter how good the merchandise. The right work force creates customer satisfaction, and that produces superior financial performance.”

As part of its efforts to achieve what is by now a well documented turnaround, Sears invested significant time and resources creating and refining an empirical model that supports the above. Known as the Employee-Customer Profit Chain, Sears’ model plays an integral role in the company’s vision to be a compelling place to work, shop and invest.

In simple terms, the model quantifies the causal relationships (as compared to correlation) between employee attitude, behavior and retention, as well as the degree to which those factors drive customer satisfaction and how that, in turn, drives financial performance.

The model serves as a predictor of behavior and quantifies how change in one component (i.e. increased sales associate product knowledge) impacts other components (i.e. customer retention, market share, revenues, etc.).

Sears has taken additional steps to encourage positive employee attitudes and ensure a customer orientation. These include a strong emphasis on employee training.

Specifically, Sears has initiated an ongoing process using learning maps and monthly town hall meetings to expand employees’ business and economic knowledge and foster customer-focused behavior. All levels of the organization participate in this process from management to in-store associates.

Additionally, Sears has developed programs to cultivate and increase leadership among managers. This includes 3600 performance appraisals based on input from supervisors as well as peer and subordinate reviews, and the establishment of Sears University to offer courses to enhance leadership and shed light on issues essential to smooth operation of the Employee-Customer-Profit Chain.

Finally, Sears has implemented a new reward and compensation program that reinforces desired behaviors and includes a mix of both financial and nonfinancial performance measures.

Even the most advanced data storage can be corrupted, so a backup system is really necessary. Like any other form of data processing and storage, the point of sale setup can be affected by these problems. There are businesses that seek protection by utilizing cloud computing. With this method, an enterprise may or may not utilize a dedicated hardware and software. They have the option to utilize a web-based retail POS software without worrying much about the kind of hardware appropriate for them. The key to the system is the remote server, which is invulnerable to input from unauthorized personnel. Only top professionals from management can add to or revise the information that has been uploaded.

So far, the reliability and safety of the cloud-based point of sale is impressive. With a cost lower than a specialized POS setup, start-up businesses and small enterprises can benefit much from a very sophisticated point of sale system. With more people and organizations having access to the internet each second, dissemination of all types of vital information becomes much easier. In real time, a large group of individual can access a spreadsheet that they need to get on with their tasks efficiently. With an accessible centralized system, a lot of time is saved in the process.

Point of sale systems can be broken down into four categories: retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores and salons. Some brands cater to all of these. Their success depends on quality, payment plans, and the years of experience. When you find the seemingly perfect brand of point of sale systems, is it really the perfect fit for you?

The best way to find out is to first look into universal traits. What features it includes, what processes it completes, what extra equipment it requires, and what customer support you will get afterwards are just a few factors to consider. Simply put, some POS software systems are better because they have fine tuned errors and have more experience. Also, all around brands tend to be more user friendly and polished up.

Point of sales software companies will also include what they are specifically made for. For example, depending on the type of store, it may be advantageous to go with a point of sale system that includes both grocery shopping and retail. It is best to find out for yourself by investigating to see how much the company really knows about maintaining point of sale software. If a company does not seem serious about it, even a great brand can be lacking in what you need. One of those with solid POS software is at www.possoftwaresystems.net.